Coach on the Spot

Personal Fitness Training
for Women Ready to: 

Bust Excuses!

Get Leaner, Stronger and Healthier!

Make Fitness a Priority!

What You Can Expect:

  • A whole-life approach: goal setting, habit and behavioral change support that extends beyond our fitness training sessions. 
  • A compassionate accountability partner who is not only a certified and experienced personal trainer but also a health & wellness coach committed to helping you be the best version of you - body, mind & spirit.
  • A personalized, balanced, safe and effective fitness training program as unique and individual as you are.
  • Progressive and results-oriented conditioning. 
  • A program that strengthens not only your body, but also your confidence, motivation, and mindset.

Your Personalized Fitness Training Program

Emphasizes 3 key elements: Technique, Education and Progress

training includes a mix of the following:


Functional & Core training 

Strength/Endurance Resistance Training


Well-balanced nutrition 

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"I am not a big fan of exercise or working out. I have always been petite, fairly active, never really struggled with my weight, etc. thus never felt much need to exercise. However, I had set some personal goals to become stronger, but I wasn’t doing anything with any consistency to work towards them. I felt frustrated and stuck. I knew I didn’t have the motivation to do what I needed to do by myself. Then I met Melissa. After our initial consultation, I was 100% confident she would be able to help me achieve my goals, and she continues to prove me right. Melissa is knowledgeable, engaging and genuinely seems to enjoy her work. She always considers my personal goals when designing and modifying my workouts. She provides thoughtful, consistent feedback that really helps me carry home the things she is coaching me on during my every day activities. Melissa’s coaching style really makes achieving my health and wellness goals feel attainable. "
Melissa Smith


“I have been working with Melissa as my personal trainer for 6 months now. She is truly amazing! She pushes me at every session to do my best. She is always positive and extremely motivating. Each session is different, which keeps things new and exciting. I have become someone who truly loves going to the gym and working out. I look forward to every session, and count down the days until the next one. At 42, I feel stronger than ever! I definitely recommend Melissa!"
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"I have bought 10 fitness training sessions with Melissa and now I have bought another 10 sessions. She is amazing. I told her my goals and she has stuck with them. She is very creative with workouts. We do workouts that I have never done before. She looks at your posture and fixes the posture if needed. Melissa really looks out for you. She gives advice about meals and helps on days you don't have session with a workout plan to keep your goals going. We laugh, we have fun and we stay focused! I can go on and on about her. I recommend her for a trainer; she really has the passion for working out. Passion is everything. She definitely has it."
150 x 200 M Taylor


"In working with Melissa through the healthy reset program, personal coaching and personal fitness training I learned how to set and achieve goals resulting in major changes in my life. I am healthier, happier and stronger as a result of her unique combination of firm yet gentle insistence on remaining accountable to myself and to my goals. I highly recommend Melissa as a coach and a fitness trainer. I have implemented exercise and nutrition systems into my daily life that are now established habits I look forward to rather than the dreaded chores they used to be. Melissa helped me change my outlook and created the mental shift that was necessary for me to make changes in my life."
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"Melissa is professional and pushes me to do my best but she is not intimidating. She always makes me feel comfortable and keeps the workouts varied so they are enjoyable and never boring. I highly recommend her as a consummate fitness professional."
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“I love working out with Coach Melissa at Florida Fitness Concepts! Her vast knowledge, passion and motivating spirit has helped me reach new heights on my fitness journey. Melissa’s attention to personalized fitness training and form are incredible. I highly recommend Melissa if you are seeking to live out your healthiest and strongest life. Healthy = Happy."
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“I have been working with Melissa since November 2018. When we started our workouts, my joints hurt daily and my range of motion was limited. Four months later, I have the tools to keep moving, stretching my achy muscles and my joints no longer ache. I plan to continue working out with Melissa "