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I am Melissa Ross, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a Passion for all things Health, Wellness, Behavior Change and Transformation. I love learning what makes people tick and taking a journey with them to a healthier, more purposeful and peaceful way of living. The stories we tell ourselves about our lives often keep us Stuck in Unfulfilling patterns and make it challenging to get out of our own way. You can transform your life and get Unstuck by rewriting your story moving forward! Let's talk more about this idea...

The beauty of your story is that it can be edited & rewritten! Is it time to re-write your story? To Nurture yourself, to Create rather than React, to become Empowered and Proclaim...

From this day forward, I choose to change by taking purposeful steps to learning more about who I am, what I want to be and how I choose to live.

No matter what your age or where you are in life, I am here to tell you that with Willingness, Hope, Belief, Courage, and Support you can get what you desire or pretty darn close to it! I serve from a deeper space. From a calling to guide and bring out inner light and power already within you. I've personally rewritten my story and transformed my life and I'd love to share my journey with you. If you're tired of sitting on the sideline of your life and you really want to be in the game, Coaching is a game changer!

Together, let's Flip Your Story on it's Head and Write a New One!

“It took me only a few sessions with Melissa before I realized what lifestyle changes I needed to make. Not just to curb my weight gain but to be a happier, more joyful person. She was understanding and more than willing to be flexible around my insane work schedule. Five months later I’ve found the courage and clarity to make the changes I want to make in my life and Melissa was the one who put me on that path! Thank you so much!”

~ Lillian, CA ~

Client Love

 "I had the opportunity of coaching with Mel. As a coach she is very open hearted. She has empathy and kindness in her approach which are creating the right environment for personal development. She knows how to keep the perfect balance in the coaching relationship by feeling close to her, which creates to the coachee emotional safety and on the other hand is so professional, in order to motivates the coachee to move towards and meet his/her vision. I am happy and thankful for having Mel as a coach!"

~ Konstantinos, Greece ~

Client Love

“Melissa has the innate ability to help one get out of their own way. I could not have made the changes to move forward and toward wellness without Melissa’s guidance. Thank you for helping give me the courage to do many things I needed to do. I feel like I am getting my groove back and being a better mom, wife and friend. I am more confident every day and my stress level is so much better. I feel confident that I am adding more days to my life. Hiring Melissa is one of the best investments I have ever made. "

Karen, 53, South Carolina

Client Love

“During the 30 Day Healthy Reset and one on one coaching with Melissa, I learned a great deal about exercising, about eating clean and just making good choices when it comes to my health. I was already at a turning point in my life but with the Coach on the spot concept, I definitely feel that Melissa gave me that push that I needed to finally take my life back!!!”

~ Jen, 41, Washington, DC ~ Healthy Reset 30-Day Program Participant

Client Love
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I'd love for you to Join my Wellness Community and take advantage of this Free Healthy Change Monthly Newsletter all about Moving from Thinking about your Health to Taking Action for your Health. Take the frustration out of your efforts, get UN-Stuck and on a path to lasting change!

"Melissa is a caring professional that helped get me into a healthy lifestyle. Quick to provide encouragement and guidance for a person that really did not know what to eat nor the portion control. Her guidance and food planning directions gave me tools needed to get myself on track. I noticed changes within the first two weeks and after six months had to buy new clothes."

~ Robert, Miami ~

Client Love

“Melissa literally saved my career–her knowledge, motivation, humor and accountability were exactly what I needed for the “aha” moment! I focused new energy on being well and helping others in this journey called life.”

Cari, Arlington, VA

Client Love

"Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow." — Anthony Robbins

Fair warning.....
If you ask my clients, they'll tell you I ask a lot of questions to learn their stories! I want to know about your life - what motivates you, what makes you deeply happy, what makes you sad, what are your obstacles, how do you feel, what do you think, etc. This is the stuff of personal growth and change. There are often no easy answers to powerful questions such as these below, but they open revealing discussions and generate the "aha" moments  that make the difference between settling for where you are now and re-writing your story...

  • "Imagine for a moment that you're living your Vision.  How did you get there?"
  • "What are you tolerating and putting up with?" 
  • "What is holding you back from your goal?"
  • "How do you sabotage yourself and what will you do differently this time?
  • "Tell me about some of the biggest challenges of your life and how did you overcome them?"
What I've learned after many years of Coaching and being a Health Educator...

That it takes courage to create change that lasts and takes hold in your life. That you must leave the familiarity of your comfort zone and embrace uncertainty and the discomfort it brings. That you must trust the process. Outside the familiar is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This is where you explore limiting beliefs and engage in the mastery of new, healthy & life-giving behaviors and develop a mindset that serves you well and changes your life. You have to go through it to get to it!

Vision. Action. Results.

The Coaching journey begins with creating your Personal Vision where you clarify the "Why" behind your efforts, how you want to feel, look, and what you want your life will be like when you are living your vision! 

Confidence to maintain new behaviors comes from Taking Action consistently! Each week, we co-collaborate to identify resources, tools and strategies that fit your lifestyle and create meaningful and measurable goals to put into practice. 


There are no failures in trying! RESULTS come from experimenting, trying new things and finding out what works and what doesn't. Recognize and Celebrate your WINS - all of them, even the smallest wins are wins! 

Coaching moves you beyond what you would do alone and strengthens your Change Muscle!

My 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Session is an informal chat and no-obligation opportunity to learn more about the coaching journey and how I can help you. Connect via the contact form below and share a little about yourself and your goals. I'll be in touch soon!