Coach on the Spot

I help women at all stages of life make their Fitness, Health and Well-Being a PRIORITY rather than an "if I get to it" thought!

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Coaching ensures you go beyond what you would do alone

Put YOU at the top of your "To Do" list!


COACHING BEGINS WITH YOUR PERSONAL VISION. Coaching is a collaborative journey between you and your coach that begins with connecting to your Personal Vision...the Motivation or the "Why" behind your desires. In this phase, you'll become more self-aware, focus on and pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors in a conscious way considering how they are serving you in your life. This process continues through your coaching journey and as you grow and spread your wings, your actions and values align with your vision. 

COACHING BUILDS CONFIDENCE THROUGH TAKING ACTION. Taking action consistently builds confidence and leads to the mastery of new habits. Each week, you'll set specific and measurable goals for the following week. We'll review goal progress, find solutions to obstacles getting in your way and explore what's going inside you and in your world. 


COACHING CELEBRATES EVERY WIN. We acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments - big & small. Wins are Wins! Results come from experimenting with new ways of doing things and finding out what works and what doesn't. You are unique. Do more of what works for you and you're on your way to being confident and resourceful even when life gets in the way!

Coach On the Spot combines my career experiences, education and passion for guiding people in a journey to live a fit and well lifestyle.

My clients are amazing women who came to a moment of realization that it was time to try something different to move them where they wanted to go.

Some tried many avenues of change only to end up back at square one and some felt stuck due to either fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence and not knowing where to begin. ALL said YES to Coaching and never looked back!

I've helped my clients:

Love, appreciate and accept their bodies for all they can do!

Achieve a healthy and realistic weight.

Increase their zest & energy for life.

Make nutritious food choices for a fitter, healthier body and improved well-being.

De-clutter to simplify and improve productivity. 

Make exercise a priority they enjoy and are inspired to maintain.

Speak up for their needs & improve communication in relationships.

Accept hard truths and find solutions to obstacles!

Coaching is not therapy. We don’t dive into
your past or try to make sense of your childhood.

We do start where you are now and

take a powerful journey forward to where you want to be.

melissa ross


Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

Coaching Packages

  • Total Success 12-week package
  • In the Zone 8-week package
  • Get Your Feet Wet 4-week package

All Packages Include:

  • Initial 60-minute Wellness Vision & Plan of Action Session.
  • Convenient weekly 1-to-1, 45 minute sessions conducted via phone.
  • Access to your Coach On the Spot private portal with health, fitness and wellness resources and tools to compliment your coaching journey.
  • Unlimited text & email contact with your coach.