Coach on the Spot

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Lillian, San Fran, CA

“It took me only a few sessions with Melissa before I realized what lifestyle changes I needed to make. Not just to curb my weight gain but to be a happier, more joyful person. She was understanding and more than willing to be flexible around my insane work schedule. Five months later I’ve found the courage and clarity to make the changes I want to make in my life and Melissa was the one who put me on that path! Thank you so much!”
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Ingrid, Burlington, VT

“I thoroughly enjoy working with my life coach, Melissa. Melissa moves through the muck and asks questions to hone in to the deepest root cause of an issue. With her, there’s no avoiding doing the real work and welcoming change no matter how challenging it might look at the time. Melissa is my coach for a lifetime. I’ve done some heavy lifting through my work with her and made major adjustments to live my true life. From time to time I continue to work with her for tune-ups. Melissa is dedicated to unveil your best self! And I love the fact that she walks the talk. Melissa is the real thing!!”

Tara, Texas

“I hated to exercise. Melissa was supportive and encouraging. She was like "let's just work on diet then". I was able to find an activity that I loved and continue to do 4-5 days/week. She is an amazing motivator--non-judgmental, always available. She got me excited about taking care of myself for once. I am a busy professional and self-care was the last thing on my list of priorities! The Healthy Reset program was a game changer for me. I have recommended it to friends!!!”
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Jen, Washington, DC

“During the 30 Day Healthy Reset and one on one coaching with Melissa, I learned a great deal about exercising, about eating clean and just making good choices when it comes to my health. I was already at a turning point in my life but with the Coach on the spot concept, I definitely feel that Melissa gave me that push that I needed to finally take my life back!!!”
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Karen, South Carolina

“Melissa has the innate ability to help one get out of their own way. I could not have made the changes to move forward and toward wellness without Melissa’s guidance. Thank you for helping give me the courage to do many things I needed to do. I feel like I am getting my groove back and being a better mom, wife and friend. I am more confident every day and my stress level is so much better. I feel confident that I am adding more days to my life. Hiring Melissa is one of the best investments I have ever made. "
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Tricia, Cleveland, OH

“My motto used to be “I’ll do anything to lose weight and get fit except diet and exercise!” After several years of getting more and more out of shape and gaining the “middle-age spread", I realized that way of life was not serving my best interests. I have known Melissa for about 13 years and have watched her with awe as she grew in her career and life as an amazing Mom, friend and Coach….. always positive, strong and compassionate. After hemming and hawing for many months, with the thought of asking Melissa to be my Life-Coach, I finally bit the bullet and faced my fears. What a life-changing decision that was!! In the beginning, I said I would try it for 12 weeks, then at the end of that 12 weeks, without hesitation, was on board for another amazing 12 weeks with Melissa as my Coach. I must say, “Coach” doesn’t really cover everything that Melissa has been to me in these past 6 months. Yes, she’s a friend for many years, but is also a mentor, confidant, counselor and best bud on top of being an unbelievable life coach. She has a way of gently, but powerfully guiding you through the steps to attain goals that seem unfathomable, at times. Her sure voice seems to resonate with you throughout each week, reminding you that you are on the right track to being a better you. Not only have I managed to become a "gym rat” and love it, but have become much more self-aware about nutrition, personal habits and my relationships, among other areas of my life. I am so happy and proud to have made the decision to have Melissa as my Life Coach and will be forever grateful to her for helping me change for the better and to continue to improve my way of life as I continue on this journey. ”
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Cari, Arlington, VA

“Melissa literally saved my career–her knowledge, motivation, humor and accountability were exactly what I needed for the “aha” moment! I focused new energy on being well and helping others in this journey called life.”
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Erin, Orlando

“Working with Melissa helped me learn what I wanted, and how to set achievable short term goals to help me reach my long term ones. She helped me build the confidence I needed to get out of the rut I was in and make important changes in my life. I am now working on a new career path and practicing healthy eating habits as well as mindfulness. I am very grateful for everything Melissa taught me and would recommend her in an instant to anyone in need of a coach.”
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Emily, Orlando

"Melissa helped me define an authentic wellness vision and take steps every week to achieve it. I appreciate her ability to help me achieve clarity about what I really wanted and needed during that time in my life!"