Coach on the Spot

Hi, I'm Melissa Ross, Health, Fitness, Wellness Professional and Owner behind Coach On the Spot.

I take great pride in the business of helping women be true to themselves and take action to make their health, fitness and well-being a priority. Whatever goals, dreams and desires you have, you deserve to pursue and live them. I take a whole-person approach with each client. I want to hear about your lifestyle, habits, goals and dreams so I can best serve you. Becoming the best and healthiest version of you falls squarely on feeling good about yourself first and then getting uber resourceful and confident. 

I'm blessed that my 30+ year career is my passion. I started my career as a group exercise instructor and personal fitness trainer and I was hooked for life. I kept learning, growing, serving and remaining grateful and never looked back. 

If what you are currently doing is not giving you the results you want, it's probably time to do something different. This begins with sharing what's going on with you. Let's chat! To get started, click the button and book a complimentary consult. 

I hold a Master of Public Health with emphasis in health promotion, disease prevention and behavior change and several certifications that are meaningful to my work. I'd be honored to be a part of your wellness journey to create positive, sustainable change in your life that you'll enjoy and look forward to every day.

  • Health and Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches®
  • Health Education Specialist, National Commission for Health Education, CHES®
  • Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Contract Health Educator and Coach, CIGNA Onsite Health Promotions
  • Available for presentations and workshops in Central Florida on a variety of Health and Wellness topics, Goal-setting and Behavior Change. 

If you can relate to the following statements, you're in the right place!

  1. I want to build confidence and strengthen the belief that I can accomplish what I set out to do and maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle.
  2. I want to eat healthier, exercise more and take better care of myself. 
  3. I want to believe that my efforts, if consistent, are going to produce the results I desire. 
  4. I want to make meaningful decisions for my health and well-being, so I can be available for those I love and who love me.
  5. I am ready for support, guidance and to be held accountable for my actions.

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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch

Some random facts about me

me and Z NY night out
  • My life changed forever when I made the most challenging and equally the best decision of my life to become a Single Mother by Choice. The amazing son and a heart bursting with love and forevermore worn on my sleeve.
  • I worked on cruise ships for 3 years as a Sports & Fitness Coordinator and 23 years for the US Coast Guard as a Health Promotion Manager for the SE US & Caribbean region. Water is my friend.
  • I owned a personal fitness training and wellness company in Miami. Every day I woke up inspired to build my career.
  • Surprise! Five decades into my life, I found out through ancestry that I wasn't Cherokee Indian descent. Gotta love technology. 
  • I'm a rarity. A native Miamian, born and raised. I finally moved from my hometown to Orlando in December 2016 after reconnecting with my college sweetheart on Facebook - 33 years later! 2 things...never lose hope because love really can arrive "when you least expect it" and FB can improve your love life 
  • I am a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem, a voice for children who are abused, abandoned and neglected and who deserve to be safe and loved. I am for the best interests of the children I represent.  
  • I have many favorite spiritual & thought leaders who I study and learn from. Oprah and Brene Brown are two of them. They talk my language. "You can't get to courage without walking through vulnerability, period."